"Impression" @ Film Festivals!

After our first screenings at the Florida Shorts and Valkyrie Film Festivals, Impression went on to its New York City debut at the Big Apple Film Festival! Information below. Congrats to the Impression team on an amazing response from audiences and judges alike!

"No Rest for the Wicked" [coming soon...]

    Written/Directed by: Luke Knox

    Produced by: Jeff Li

    Starring: Dinah Rokhinson and Eli Cohavi

    Director of Photography: Shuhan Xie

"Because the Grass Started to Breathe"

Honey brings her four siblings home to help them dig up what they buried a decade before- the body of their dead brother. As their shovels hit the ground, the truth creeps back into their fingertips from the dirt and threatens to swallow them all.

Performed in an intimate outdoor venue, this laboratory production embodies GLTC’s value of adapting form to content; we uplift this story of loss, memory and the intimacy of family through immersive storytelling in a Bed Stuy backyard.   

   Written by: Max Mooney

   Directed by: Haley Fragen

   Stage Manager/Producer/Sound Board: Dinah Rokhinson

   Scenic/Props Design: Jonathan Schatzberg 

   Lighting Design: Persephone Squires 

   Sound Design: Tommy Lynch

   Featuring: Julian Hermano, Sophia Drapeau, Mia Walsh Corbett, Ben Hefter, and Chloe Mutebi 

Garden Level Theatre Co.

Led by two Jewish women, Dinah Rokhinson and Haley Fragen, Garden Level Theatre Co. is a grassroots arts laboratory. We seek to merge the needs of both artist and audience to create a core of shared authorship. Garden Level came forth as an outlet to channel Dinah and Haley’s shared and individual creative values into fully realized productions, whilst supporting and cultivating an intimate community of artists and spectators. Working on a project to project basis, GLTC provides emerging artists with an opportunity to hold themselves accountable for the development of their own creative visions. Since its inception in June 2022, Garden Level has demonstrated an ability to adapt form to content. GLTC continues to interrogate and experiment with artistic storytelling rooted in authenticity, urgency, and radical accessibility. 

"Impression" (2022) dir. Dinah Rokhinson

Emily is a young woman who is trying to make her dream of owning her own photography studio a reality. Through her newfound philosophy of “no going back” and the guidance of those around her, she navigates what it means to be a go-getting female entrepreneur.

    Written by: Brooke Vanderdonck

    Director: Dinah Rokhinson

    Assistant Director: Haley Fragen

    Director of Photography: Shuhan Xie

"Philoctetes..." (2021) dir. Dinah Rokhinson, Haley Fragen

   Adapted by Dinah Rokhinson with her creative team, this production premiered for Playwrights Horizooms festival in Spring 2021. Essentially a one actor, one audience member performance, Philoctetes… is an interactive adaptation of the ancient Sophocles’ play to be done over zoom.

  Philoctetes… is about how even in the greatest isolation, there will always be a need, a desperation for connection. The audience is cast directly into facing this need through an exploration of choice by being given prompts by a voice in their head that they must speak directly to Philoctetes. It provides a moment to realize how even when we are far away, we still have influence on each other’s lives in ways we may not have realized before.


Written and Directed by: Dinah Rokhinson

Assistant Director: Haley Fragen

Stage Manager: Avery Wood

Starring: Alex Hardin

"A Midsummer Night's Dream" [2020] dir. David Brain

"The Wolves" [2020] dir. Gigi Buffington

"Amanda" (2017) dir. Tairyamau Hirayama

"Lonely Bones" [2017] dir. Drake George, Margerite Arbogast